About us

The BAG is the national network for the prevention of childhood accidents. We attract the public notice to issues surrounding childhood accidents and try to reduce the current high number of 1.9 million childhood accidents in Germany each year.

Our work

We are committed to creating safe environments for children. We promote awareness regarding children's safety as well as expertise regarding risks for children themselves, parents and everyone else working with children.

We mainly focus on the areas surrounding people's homes and leisure time, due to this area being the one where most accidents with children occur. We provide information to the public with the help of our information material and our exhibitions that are concerned with risks of accidents, and we educate people on how anticipatory behaviour helps to prevent accidents.

We thoroughly inform the public via projects and campaigns focusing on various risks of accidents. We develop programmes to prevent childhood accidents and we train experts as well as propagators working in the area.

Network and advocate for child safety

We demand from the government to recognise the prevention of childhood accidents as an inter-departmental transversal task.We comment on legislative proposals.We engage in improving product safety as a voice for families, plead for equal health-related opportunities, and implement projects for target groups that require particular support.